Saturday, January 02, 2010


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By Felix Petruška for himself.
Another classical, vicious monster.
(kind of conceptually off-model, because Ren & Stimpy's traditional active/passive relationship appears to be inverted)

© note: Ren & Stimpy created by John Kricfalusi; their rights are owned — as far as I know — by Viacom Inc.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Nosferen (or Ren Hoerlok)

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Another horror characterization for Ren — this time not from Hollywood (Yugoslavia), but from expressionist silent cinema.

© note: Ren & Stimpy created by John Kricfalusi; their rights are owned — as far as I know — by Viacom Inc.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Inking dilemma

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These above are two different renditions of the same subject (Kaspar, the heavily toenailed Ruthenian bear by John K). In the first version I reconstructed John K's drawing keeping the proportion by eye: I tried to pay the due attention to shapes, movement and lines of action.
In the second one I kept an eye on my precedent version, but I inked directly on John K's layout, as if it were a finished pencil drawing.
I prefer the less angular, more flowing lines of the second version, but this time my inking approach was more timid, and it seems to have lost something in movement and expression — and in construction here and there, like in Kaspar's right hand. On the other side, the rangers look better.
But the fur still seems to me too...

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Practice, practice, practice

I'm converting this blog into a place for my cartoon exercises:

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You'll find 'em on my flickr page too.

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The Kaspar one is from a layout by John K; the Frankenstimpy is a free elaboration of John K's Ren & Stimpy.

More to come...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Snow White ricucita / resewed Snow White

Parlando d'altro,

qualche giorno fa avevo postato un vecchio cartone di Betty Boop: Snow White. A partire dal solito blog di John K sono risalito a questa versione ricucita da quelli dell'ASIFA.
È uno dei più bei cartoni che conosca. Eccolo qui.

Speaking about something else,

some days ago I posted an old Betty Boop cartoon: Snow White. Linking from the usual John K's blog I found this version restored by the people at ASIFA.
It is one of the most beautiful cartoons I know. Here it is.

uccidete la democrazia - animator's cut

Il film, penso che ve ne sarete accorti, è uscito.
The movie - it's really hard not to notice here in Italy - is out.

Direi che se ne sta parlando già abbastanza. Quindi per il momento non aggiungerei nulla.

Qui sotto un'animazione rimasta fuori dal montaggio definitivo. Qui i disegni sono di Elfo. Io ho curato animazione, montaggio e (troppi) colori.

People talk about it enough, I'd say. So I won't add anything more for now.

Down here an animation cut out from the final editing. Here the drawings are by Elfo. I did animation, editing and (too many) colors.

una testa un voto? / one head one vote?

Presto seguirà altro. Prima ho bisogno di rilassarmi un po'.
More later. By now, I need some relaxing.

Felix Petruška
(o "Felix Petrushka"?)
(or "Felix Petrushka"?)

Monday, November 20, 2006


Thursday, November 16, 2006

qualcosa di monumentale / something monumental

Alcuni sfondi:
Some backgrounds:

È una sequenza di progetti per la riedificazione
di Ground Zero. Li ho disegnati per ISBN, per
l'edizione italiana di 16 Acres, di Philip Nobel.
It's a serie of projects for the reconstruction of Ground Zero.
I drew them for ISBN, for the Italian edition of Philip Nobel's 16 Acres.
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